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Advanced Bobath Certificate

Postural Control
The Basis of Both Locomotion and Upper Limb Function

Dubai - UAE

October 10-14, 2024

Welcome to Advanced Bobath-Postural Control: The Basis of Both Locomotion and Upper Limb Function a specialized program tailored for physiotherapists and occupational therapists. This course focuses on advanced strategies for upper limb rehabilitation within the context of neurological conditions. Participants will gain in-depth insights into evidence-based practices, cutting-edge techniques, and interdisciplinary collaboration, equipping them to deliver comprehensive and personalized care. Engage in hands-on sessions, explore real-life case studies, and join a global community dedicated to advancing upper limb rehabilitation. 



Dr. Jennings


Dr. Jennings is a physiotherapist with 38 years of experience. She is a senior Bobath instructor at the Australian Bobath Training Association (ABTA). She is also a holder of a master's degree in physiotherapy from Monash University. In 2000, she qualified as a Bobath Tutor. She qualified as an IBITA Advanced Instructor in 2012 and initiated Advanced Bobath Tutor training in 2009. Now, for the first time in Dubai with Primephysio Training, UK.



Upon successful completion of the advanced course, participants will receive the prestigious IBITA certificate. Please note that the basic Bobath training course certificate serves as a prerequisite this course.

Course Content:

The focus of the advanced course is "Upper Limb Rehabilitation in

Neurological Conditions." The curriculum is designed to:

  1. Introduce New Material: Explore the latest advancements in upper limb rehabilitation techniques specific to neurological conditions.

  2. Extend Present Knowledge and Skills: Deepen participants' understanding of current practices and enhance their skills through hands-on, practical applications.

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive coverage of upper limb rehabilitation strategies.

  • Practical sessions emphasizing hands-on techniques.

  • In-depth exploration of the latest advancements in neurological rehabilitation.

Target Participants:

Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists with an IBITA-recognized basic course certificate are eligible for participation in this advanced course.

Instructor/Student Ratio:

To ensure optimal learning experiences, the instructor/student ratio is maintained between 1:10 and a maximum of 1:12. In instances where there are more than 12 participants, an additional instructor will be assigned to maintain the quality of instruction.

Course Duration:

This advanced course spans five days, consisting of 35 hours of intensive teaching. Each instructional hour equals 60 minutes.

Why Attend?

This advanced course provides a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to elevate their expertise in upper limb rehabilitation for neurological conditions, gaining valuable insights and practical skills under the guidance of certified IBITA instructors.


Early Bird (Valid for the first 6 seats): 4,200 AED
Normal Registration: 4,800 AED

Registration Process-  

1.Fee Submission:
Please note that you may either pay the full fee in one go to attend this course or make an initial down payment of AED 1,000 to book your seat. In the latter case, the remainder of the payment is to be fulfilled before the course starts or in paid cash on the course day. 
** For group registrations, contact us on WhatsApp at +971502051448.
A. Full Payment:
Please choose your appropriate category:

AED 4200

B. Initial Down-payment (applicable to courses costing more than AED 1,000):
**If paying via card is not a viable option, please note that you may also transfer the fee to this bank account.
  • Once this is completed, please take a photo/ screenshot of the proof of payment.
2. Registration Form:
  • Once the above has been fulfilled, please fill out this registration form, and attach the proof of payment to it. No seat booking will be confirmed in case the proof of payment is not attached. 
3. Proof of Payment:
  • Once done, please send the proof of payment via email or via WhatsApp
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