Bobath Introductory course

International bobath tutors association IBITA


Frank Vroomen PT-BSc, Bobath(NDT)-Instructor IBITA, MAS, MT-Samt.

International bobath tutor IBITA since 1996.Frank has taught 37 courses in Europe over the last 19 years .


The Bobath concept (IBITA) for patients with ZNS illnesses (CVA, Ataxia, Parkinson, ms etc.) is world-wide the best concept for a holistic therapeutic multidiscipline



IBITA means: international bobath instructor trainings association is an

International association for adult neurological rehabilitation (

The IBITA is responsible for the  world-wide  trainings quality  of  the  Instructors.


The Bobath Concept is a problem solving approach to the assessment and treatment of individuals with disturbances of function, movement and postural control due to a lesion of the central nervous system. This approach to the rehabilitation of adults with central nervous system pathology originated in the work of Berta and Karel Bobath and has evolved over more than half a century.

The rationale for current practice is based upon present day knowledge of motor

control, motor learning and neural plasticity, as well as on knowledge of biomechanics.



Summarizing are the theoretical principles of the Bobath concept (IBITA) described in the following Items

The Organization of human behavior and motor control


The consequences of injury and dysfunction in the execution of movement


Recovery mechanism, neural and muscle plasticity, Motor Learning and control.


The total medical product of the recovery of the patient contents diagnostics, treatment and Rehabilitation.

This implies that an important part of the clinical work is a good therapeutic treatment which takes places by physiotherapist by in-patients and after discharge from hospital a subsequent treatment for out-patients.

With good evidence based rehabilitation, inclusive the process of the Clinical rea- soning, is the recovery progress by the patient with lesion in the central nervous sys- tem larger and also measurable.

So the content of the Bobath-Course will be based on the organization of treatment in the hospital and also in the homecare situation with both their special Problems, associated with the mindsets of the ICF (international classification of functioning and health) of the WHO (2001).


Introductory Course:


  • Requirements of normal movement (normalbehavior)

  • Organisation of senso-motoric, cognitive-neuropsychological and psy- chosocial functions

  • Clinical Reasoning by Patients with central nervousLesions

  • Examples oftreatment requirements

  • Motor-Control and MotorLearning

  • Practical labs

  • Patients videos










2600 Egyptian Pound


4000$ for overseas applicants


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