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Dubai - UAE

February 18-19, 2023




  • 50+ years of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating painful musculoskeletal conditions.

  • The founder of the cluster of Laslett.

  • His special focus is on acute and chronic low back pain related conditions.

  • ​Parttime clinical practice and consults with patients referred from other licensed health care practitioners such as General Medical Practitioners (GPs), Physiotherapists and Medical Specialists

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By the end of this program, Successful applicants will be able to:

  • To critically evaluate the concept of non-specfic Low Back Pain (NSLBP) and deconstruct into meaningful, specific evidence based patho-anatomical subsets.

  • To identify the main patho-anatomic subsets of NSLBP.

  • To understand the criterion standards by which diagnosis of the following conditions is made:

  • Lumbar discogenic pain

  • Lumbar endplate and vertebrogenic pain

  • Lumbar facetogenic pain

  • Sacroiliac joint pain.

  • To learn the clinical assessment needed to identify the patho-anatomic subsets of NSLBP.

  • To learn what is known of the predictors of criterion diagnosis of the subsets of NSLBP.

  • To begin learning the skill of diagnosis by subtraction to better identify subsets of NSLBP.

  • To understand how psychosocial and neurophysiological factors influence patho-anatomic diagnosis.

  • To understand how patho-anatomic diagnosis can affect and improve patient management.

  • To understand how identifying subsets of NSLBP will affect research methodologies.

This course is for:

-Physiotherapists (Graduates & Internship Students)


Course fee:

Early Bird Registration
Before 15 January 2023

Normal Registration
After 15 January 2023

Individual registration: 


AED 1900

Individual registration: 


AED 2300

Group registration (3+):

AED 1700

Group registration (3+):

AED 2000

For registration:

1-Fill the attached online form

2-Submit the course fee:

A- Via bank transfer to the following bank account within the UAE:

Account Number: 12097145820001
IBAN: AE41 0030 0120 9714 5820 001
Bank Name: ADCB Bank (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank)

B- Via PayPal

Early Bird Registration

Before 15 January 2023

Payment amount 1900 AED

Payment amount for each member 1700 AED

3-Send a proof of payment (screenshot or payment/ acknowledgment receipt) to or official WhatsApp number: +971502051448.

4-You will receive confirmation within 24 hours with details of online learning access, if applicable.

For inquiries and payment within the United Arab Emirates       



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