Course objectives:
1- Introduce the History of DN (Dry Needling).
2- Understand the efficacy of DN in treatment of MTrPs.
3- Understand the difference between DN & Acupuncture therapy.
4- Summarize the current literature regarding the efficacy and treatment rationale for DN.
5- Revise the distance learning materials (common MTrPs referral pattern - the surface anatomy the body caution area and danger body zones).
6- Explain the indication, contra indication and proper integration of DN treatment into clinical sitting.
7- Understand the general considerations for safe and efficient application of DN.
8- Introduce the potential adverse reactions and discuss the recommended procedure to manage it.
9- discuss the practitioner preparation tips and its importance before Needling.
10- Understand the Measurements, Direction and intensity scale in DN practice.
11- Application of DN for the upper limb, lower limb& back  muscles.
12- Discuss different case studies/mini scenarios for common muscle pain/ msk problems and proper integration of DN as an effective tool in the treatment plan.
Course Contents:
  • Face to face teaching.
  • Distance learning material.
  • Final exam: MCQ & Practical application exam.

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