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Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Certificate

Our flagship Orthopeadic Manual Therapy Certificate runs in 16 countries with more than 5500 graduates and OMTA members.


Neurological Rehabilitation Certificate Program

Through this program, you will learn the proper handling and management of the upper and the lower quadrants of adults with neurological disorders through different motor control and biomechanical strategies.


Soft Tissue Integrated Management Course

The aim of this program is to develop high level of reasoning and practical skills to assess and treat wide level of soft tissue dysfunction with hands on techniques application

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Spinal And Peripheral Manipulation

Manipulation as a treatment is now considered as an entity and a tool of its own rather than an upgrade of mobilization for spinal and peripheral joints problems, when to use, when not to use, why and how.


Sports Physiotherapy Rehab. Certificate

This program is designed for physiotherapists who aim to gain more knowledge and hands-on skills in managing sports-related conditions in clinical and sports field environments.


Pediatric rehabilitation certificate

This program is designed for physiotherapists who aim to gain more knowledge and hands-on skills in managing sports-related conditions in clinical and sports field environments.


CDT For Lymphedema Treatment Certificate

This course focuses on the effective management of lymphedema, a chronic disease affecting the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and inner organs.


Wet Cupping

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on the client's skin for a few minutes to create suction.


Clinical Dry Needling Certificate Program

Face-to-face practical teaching with online theory component. It runs in 6 countries with 3000 graduates.


Women's Pelvic Floor Health


practical course covering women's pelvic floor management. This encompasses clinical reasoning, external and internal exams, and treatment strategies.


Pilates in Rehabilitation

Pilates for rehab is showing up more and more in physiotherapy clinics and hospitals worldwide.

The growing evidence have been showing that Pilates is effective for rehabilitation; it can reduce pain and disability


Nutrition & Obesity Management Certificate


Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy Certificate

he aim of this programme is to give you a complete overview of the assessment and physiotherapy management of cardiopulmonary patients.


Clinical Taping:
Reasoning & Techniques

This program is designed for musculoskeletal and sports professionals. Clinical Taping is considered an essential tool used by physiotherapists and health professionals as an adjunctive treatment for a variety of clinical scenarios.

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Fundamentals Of Physical Therapy In ICU Certificate

Critically ill patients frequently suffer long-term physical and psychological complications. They are on long-term mechanical ventilation and as a result, 25% display significant muscle weakness, and approximately 90% of long-term ICU survivors will have ongoing muscle weakness.


Dynamic Cupping Therapy


Gain the essential skills to safely apply variant cupping techniques tailored to specific clinical situations. This course provides guided hands-on demonstrations, ensuring you master the skill of dynamic cupping.

Face-to-Face Courses & Programs


Clinical Dry Needling Certificate


Neurological Rehabilitation


Spinal manipulation.jpg

Spinal & Peripheral ManipulatioN


Soft Tissue Integrated Management Course


Pilates In Rehabilitation


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Women's Health

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Fundamentals Of Physical Therapy in the ICU


Dynamic Cupping Therapy Certificate


Pediatric Rehabilitation Certificate

Wet Cupping Course

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