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All About the

Hip & Knee Joints


Course Overview:

The "All About the Hip & Knee" workshop is part of the bigger course "Manual and Exercise Therapy for the Lower Quadrant" and is designed to provide clinicians with an in-depth understanding of hip-and knee-related conditions and advanced assessment and treatment strategies. This course emphasizes differential diagnosis, clinical reasoning, and evidence-based practices. Participants will engage in collaborative discussions, analyze real case studies, and observe live case demonstrations to enhance their expertise in managing hip-related issues effectively.

Course Objectives:

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of hip anatomy, biomechanics, and common pathologies.

  • Develop differential diagnosis skills for hip-related conditions to optimize patient management.

  • Apply evidence-based clinical reasoning in developing effective treatment plans for hip conditions.

  • Explore collaborative discussions with peers to foster a holistic approach to patient care.

  • Enhance practical skills through hands-on sessions for assessment and treatment strategies.

Course Content:

  • Hip & knee anatomy and biomechanics

  • Overview of hip and knee joint structures, ligaments, and muscles.

  • Biomechanics of hip and knee movements and their significance in functional activities.

  • Hip and knee pathologies and differential diagnosis.

  • Examination and assessment techniques for identifying various hip and knee conditions.

  • Differential diagnosis of hip and knee pains and related symptoms.


4 February, 2024

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