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Soft Tissue Management:

An Integrated Approach

Soft tissue dysfunctions are known to be one of the patient major problems that need a highly practical skill to be managed.
The aim of this program is to develop a high level of reasoning and practical skills to assess and treat a wide level of soft tissue dysfunction with hands-on techniques and application.


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The Course objectives

  • Exploring different types of soft tissue systems.

  • Understanding the differential diagnosis of soft tissue dysfunctions.

  • Getting familiar with the fascia, myofascial meridians, and fascial restrictions.

  • Understanding muscle classifications and causes of muscle imbalance.

  • Utilizing different soft tissue release techniques and tools.

  • Implementing soft tissue release techniques or tools into clinical practice.

  • Integrating manual approaches with assistive tools in soft tissue release.

Program Content

Theoretical Session

Includes technique or tool rationale, indications, contraindications, and evidence.

Practical Demonstration and Applications

Includes techniques for the upper and lower quadrants for each tool or technique.

The following learning tools will be used to achieve the course objectives

  • Illustrative and detailed handout

  • Powerpoint presentation.

  • Busy practical laps.

  • Case studies and real patient demonstration.

  • Variety of practical tools.

Topics to be covered:

Justification/indication/ safety measures and evidence of the following will be discussed and applied, using hands-on approach for the following techniques:

  • ​Myofascial Release Techiques

  • Stretching (Passive & Active)

  • Muscle Energy Techniques (M.E.T)

  • Active Inhibitory Re-stabilization (A.I.R)

  • Ischemic pressure Release (I.P.R)

  • Positional Release

  • Active Release Technique

  • Soft Tissue Taping

  • Floss Band.

  • Myofascial Decompression (Dry Cupping)


  • Dry Needling

Who can attend


Physiotherapy graduates

Physiotherapy Interns

Participants should read the distance online learning materials before starting the practical days.


Group registration (+5): 4400 TL

Group registration (3+): 4500 TL

Individual registration: 4800 TL


-Fill the attached online form, Click here.

-Submit the course fee:

Via bank transfer to the following bank account within Turkey :

  • Account Name: Salsabeel Abdulhady

  • IBAN: TR54 0013 4000 0157 0238 5000 01

  • Bank Name: Deniz bank

-Send a proof of payment (screenshot of payment receipt) to 

-You will receive confirmation within 24 hours

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