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Sports Taping Certificate


19 Jan, 2024

This educational program navigates from foundational theories and taping material exploration to practical applications for a spectrum of injuries. Engage in a day of immersive learning and hands-on demonstrations designed to foster expertise in taping techniques for both lower and upper limbs. Tailored for physiotherapists, and sports professionals, this course is crafted to impart the essential skills needed for providing proficient support and care in the context of sports-related injuries.



Steve Miller

Steve Miller is a Sports Physiotherapist who loves working with Athletes & Sports Injuries whilst supporting others who want to learn and step into the limelight. Steve currently works across various elite sports settings and remains passionate about sharing his unique skillset and experiences. Steve is a founder and mentor at Grow Physio Academy.

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Aims and Objectives:

  • Understand the theoretical framework, advantages, and research behind sports taping, including insights from leading authors and diverse approaches in the field.

  • Learn the step-by-step process of taping, covering preparations, application techniques, and the use of adjuncts to enhance taping effectiveness.

  • Explore the variety of taping materials available and understand their specific uses in different taping scenarios.

  • Master taping techniques for the ankle, including inversion and syndesmosis taping, as well as addressing knee issues such as MCL, ACL, and LCL. Dive into taping methods for patellofemoral conditions, including McConnel and K-Tape applications. 

  • Explore taping for calf, hamstring, knee hyperextensions (meniscal), and demonstrations for plantar fasciitis, low dye, turf toe, and bunions.

  • Focus on the upper limb with techniques for the shoulder, addressing the GHJ (glenohumeral joint), ACJ (acromioclavicular joint), and considerations for posture and neural offloads. Learn taping methods for elbow hyperextensions, wrist sprains, and techniques for thumb and fingers.

  • Summarize and integrate the knowledge gained throughout the day, concluding with a session for questions and answers to ensure a comprehensive understanding of sports taping techniques for both lower and upper limbs.

Course agenda

09:00: Intro & Registration

09:10: Theory, Advantages, Research, Authors & Approaches

09:20: Process: Preparations, Application & Adjuncts

09:30: Taping Materials

09:40: Ankle: Inversion

10:30: Ankle: Syndesmosis

10:45: Coffee break

11:00: Knee: MCL, ACL & LCL

11:30: Patellofemoral: McConnel & K-Tape

12:00: K-Tape: Calf, Hamstring & Knee Hyperextensions (Meniscal)

12:30: Plantar Fasciitis & Low Dye

13:00: Turf Toe & Bunion Demonstrations: Rigid & Dynamic Taping

13:15: Lower Limb Summary

13:30: Lunch Break

14:30: Upper Limb: Shoulder: GHJ

15:00: ACJ, Posture & Neural Offloads

15:20: Elbow: Hyperextensions

15:45: Wrist Sprains

16:10: Thumb & Fingers

16:30: Summary, Q&A


Early bird registration: 900 AED​

Normal registration: 1200 AED

Registration Process- 

1. Fee Submission:

  • If paying via card is not a viable option, please note that you may also transfer the fee to this bank account

  • Once this is completed, please take a photo/ screenshot of the proof of payment.

2. Registration Form:

  • Once the above has been fulfilled, please fill out this registration form, and attach the proof of payment to it. No seat booking will be confirmed in case the proof of payment is not attached. 

3.Proof of Payment:

  • Once done, please send the proof of payment via email or via whatsApp

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