Sports Physiotherapy Rehab. Certificate


January 2022

Jeddah - KSA

On a Run
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Teaching Team

Mahmoud Saad

Musculoskeletal and sports specialist.UK

Fellow Higher Education Academy.UK

Clinical Director. Primephysio Clinics.UK

Visiting Academic. Sheffield Hallam University UK.

Mahmoud is a physiotherapy academic and clinician based in Sheffield UK. He taught at the undergraduate and postgraduate courses, supervised many master dissertations in the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy and led the musculoskeletal module within the advanced master program at SHU.

His teaching experiences is extensive, having taught many musculoskeletal physiotherapy courses and workshops in the UK, Malta, Kuwait, UAE, KSA, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Sudan, and Qatar.

Hannah Wilkinson

BSc(hons) Physiotherapy Teeside University UK

MSc sports and exercise medicine .University of South Wales.UK


Rehabilitation Manager Mediclinic City Hospital Dubai.

She has been the team physio for the UAE women’s and girls rugby teams, worked at the ATP, world squash championships, dubai rugby 7 amongst others. Her passion however lies in endurance running injury management, gait training, injury prevention and performance. She has over 8 years experience managing professional iron men, international level runners to the weekend warrior.

The program will be delivered over 4 days with additional online learning materials and lectures to support the learners before and after the face-to-face teaching.


Our aim is to provide physiotherapists with skills and knowledge to manage a wide range of sports related problems and injuries successfully and confidently.



• Understand and apply the key principles of injury assessment and differential diagnosis.

• Explore and apply the key manual and exercise therapy principles for managing sports related injuries.

• To be able to design, implement and follow up on a rehab program for a range of sports related injuries.

Who can attend:

• Physiotherapists working in the field of sports rehab field and aims to boost their knowledge and skills.

• Intern students and fresh graduates interested in setting a strong base in sports physiotherapy rehab field.

Program content:

  • Shoulder and elbow assessment and differential diagnosis

  • Lumbosacral, Hip, knee, and ankle differential diagnosis

  • Manual techniques for management:

  • Mobilisation for sports

  • Taping strategies

  • Exercise therapy and loading strategies

  • Key conditions to be covered

  • The principles of assessment and rehab discussed and applied in this program could be applied to a wide range of sports related problems.

  • With Specific emphasis on:

  • Shoulder pain and instability

  • Anterior knee pain

  • Elbow sports related problems

  • Tendon pathology

  • Hip and groin injuries

  • Muscle injuries e.g., Hamstring

Program fee:

Early Bird Registration: (Before 30 November 2021)

Individual registration: 3900 SR

Group registration (3+): 3500 SR

Normal Registration:

Individual registration: 4200 SR

Group registration (3+): 3800 SR

For inquiries & payment within KSA

059 504 3779



If you are interested to host one of our activities and get free seats or are looking for world class in-house training or you are a group of physiotherapists interested in training in a specific topic that is not currently in our course list, please contact uk@primephysio.com