Fatma Elbakry


·    Senior Tutor- Primephysio UK

·    Senior Tutor- OMTA Academy

·    Kinetic Control Tutor- Comera Movement Sciences UK

·    Certified McKenzie Therapist- McKenzie institute international- New Zealand

·    Certified STOTT-Pilates Instructor- Merrithew Canada

·    Certified Mulligan Practitioner- Mulligan Tutor Association- New zealand

·    Maitland Trained Therapist, IMTA, Switzerland 

Fatma Elbakry

Fatma get Qualified from Cairo University in 2008 with Bsc in Physiotherapy, since then she started her fruitful journey with Primephysio Training UK. She has had the opportunity to shadow many big figures international tutors during the period between 2008 and 2014. 6 international McKenzie tutors, Mulligan, Bobath, Cyriax and manual therapy tutors during teaching activities in Egypt, Dubai & Oman under the umbrella of Primephysio Training UK, as a branch manager she was the main host and assistant tutor. Shadowing that broad range of expertise was a great privilege and was influential in shaping her clinical and teaching skills. Following a lengthy and comprehensive training program She got her teaching certification from Primephysio Training UK which gave her the required skills and training to start her teaching career. She started teaching short workshops since 2012 following completing her McKenzie certification with McKenzie institute international, this was followed by many teaching activities all related to the field of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. A new chapter in her career started last year in January when she joined the board member of the Orthopedic Manual Therapy Academy. She was part of the curriculum development team where she shaped a teaching program that maps to the world highest standards of Orthoapedic Manual Therapy.

In 2013 she successfully completed a certificate in Pilates and qualified as Pilates instructor by STOTT Pilates Canada which gave her a new skills and range of knowledge that has been well integrated into her teaching of manual therapy.

After more than 10 years of experience working with a wide variety of patients in private practice as a therapist and Pilates instructor, Fatma discovered Kinetic Control. She found that its rigorous clinical framework helped her to use movement assessment and retraining in her treatment, alongside the integration of Pilates, as a long term effective and high standard management, rehabilitation and patient care strategy. Joining Comera Movement sciences as a Kinetic Control tutor in 2019.

Number of International Presentation:

- Teaching a total of 350 days within the Orthopedic Manual Therapy Certificate, organized by Primephysio UK and accredited by Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Academy (OMTA)
Location: Egypt- Jordan-Dubai- Sudan- Lebanon- Paksitan

- Teaching more than 100 short workshops related to manual therapy and kinetic control in clinical practice.
Location: Egypt – Lebanon- Pakistan- Sudan- Dubai

- Teaching 10 intakes of Pilates in rehabilitation for Physiotherapists courses. Organized by Primephysio UK.
Location: Egypt- Dubai- Jordan

- Teaching 8 intakes of Kinetic control courses. Organized by Primephysio UK.
Location: Egypt- Dubai

- Presenting clinical related sessions in more than 6 online and face to face conferences