Who is this course suitable for?


  • This workshop is aimed at the MSK practitioner looking to further their assessment techniques, plus their treatment and rehabilitation options for lower limb conditions in the active population. It would especially suit:

  • The generalist MSK practitioner in private or NHS environments

  • The developing lower limb specialist wanting broad grounding

  • Early career sports physio’s or developing elite clinicians


Delegates are updated with regard to:

  • Pathology and issues surrounding the painful knee in different patient groups especially with regard to the management of patellofemoral pain

  • Hierarchical Red Flags & Red Herrings, Neurological, Vascular and Traumatic Red Flags

  • Advanced Clinical Examination of the Vascular and Neurological Systems

  • Lower limb Symptom and functional modification using Mobilisations with Movement and Contraction with Movement


Learning objectives:
1. For candidates to engage in a highly practical a two-day CPD workshop for the lower quadrant and experiencing teaching from a range of educators including Claire Robertson (Claire Patella), Benoy Matthew, Glen Robbins, Thomas Mitchell, Yuval David and Andrew Cuff.
2. This combined approach should encourage cross-pollination of ideas for candidates interested in the identification, assessment, treatment and management of common lower limb conditions
3. Aspects of injury management from graded loading and irritability monitoring to return to play and appropriate vigilance to serious pathology shall be discussed.
4. Immediate-use assessment, treatment and rehabilitation methods will be demonstrated for the clinician to take straight into their working environment.


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