Manual therapy clinical Placement Program - United Kingdom



This program is designed for Physiotherapists and medical doctors who are interested in Manual Therapy Practice. 
The program consists of the following component:
  • Shadowing experienced clinicians in clinical practice.
  • One to one practical training  
  • Attendance of practical workshops 
  • Self-Study activities and final presentations
This popular program started in 2014 with 35 physiotherapists and medical doctors have attended the program from UK, Kuwait, KSA, Oman & Egypt.

Next Intake

18-24 March 2019
Sheffield City-UK.
Program fee:
700 Pound Sterling
Program fee cover:​​
  • 60 hours of face to face and self-directed learning Clinical placement program
  • Invitation letter 
  • Attendance certificate
  • Coffee break
Please note that the applicant has to arrange for his own visa application, flight, accommodation and other living expenses within the UK during the program.