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Established in 2006 by Mahmoud Saad. An Egyptian/British Physiotherapy clinician and Academic based in the UK, He moved to the UK in 2004 and started his Academic Career as a Senior lecturer in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) Where he was leading the Musculoskeletal module within the post graduate program, he works occasionally as clinical specialist with National Health Service and runs private clinics in Sheffield and London, fellow of the higher education academy-UK, certified McKenzie Therapist-UK and international manual therapy tutor.

It happened that he shared the office at SHU with Dr Stephen May the author of McKenzie Text Books and a remarkable researcher, in a cloudy morning in the winter of 2006 at the Cafe area in Robert Winston Building of SHU ,Mahmoud has invited Dr May to visit Cairo-Egypt to present a short introductory workshop to the McKenzie concept. the rest is history.

Vision and Mission:

The vision was not difficult to set, at that time, continuous professional Development in the Middle East was a new concept, where many physios were happy with hot packs, US and Exercise protocols. Therefore, stage one of our mission was to introduce all the well known concepts/schools/school of thoughts was number one priority. Between 2006 to 2011 Primephysio collaborated with McKenzie Institute International, International Bobath Tutor Training Association, Orthopaedic Medicine Belgium, British Bobath tutors association , Mulligan tutors association to run many training courses in Cairo - Egypt and Amman-Jordan and Sheffield.UK.This was stage one.

Stage 2 started in 2011. We wanted to send a clear message, it is not about single concept or approach it is about a logically balanced and blended approach where all concepts are considered for the right patient on the right time.

Many experienced clinicians and Academic mainly from the UK , most of them were SHU senior teaching staff, were part of this Journey. Special mention to Alison McFarlane , Dr Myles Buttler, Peter Hanley, Emma Richards, Ross Mallet, Edward Bakker, John Cleak, Mel Lindley, Dr Bhanu Ramaswamy, Dr Kate Grafton and finally the late Kevin Banks The author of Maitland Concept text book and senior International Maitland Instructor.

Going International:

2011 was the first teaching activity in Kuwait by Mahmoud Saad , later on, a series of activities were organised in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Malta, UAE, Palestine, Sudan, Pakistan.

Between 2006 and 2010 Primephysio was a registered community club organisation run mainly by volunteers ( Mohamed Meshref-Fatma ELBakry-Loay Karam-Sara Magdy ) As the activities expanded to other countries , a registered Training company was established in Sheffield in the UK as well as a registered office in Cairo-Egypt trading under the name of Prime for training and educational consultancy.


In 2021 Primephysio established a registered office in Dubai in the UAE to run the activities in the Gulf and south/south East Asia.

Considering the increased cost of travelling and financial constrains that faces physiotherapists in many countries , Mahmoud’s long term goal was to prepare a panel of local clinicians to lead the continuous development in their countries to ensure sustainability, this panel is currently leading the training of promising researcher and clinicians to join the teaching team. So far Primephysio teaching team and invited speakers have presented 1200 teaching days in 15 countries, we are aiming to double this figure by 2026.



Highlights (Not in chronological order):

2010 First patch of certified McKenzie Therapists following an extensive 16 days of training in Cairo Egypt in 2010. Fatma EL-Bakry and M Aldolify two of the most senior tutors at primephysio the senior tutors were successfully completed this amazing learning experience.

2007 Sports Injuries course by the Zoe Hudson a famous sports injuries consultant with Premier league Football clubs and author of Managing Athletes text book Zoë is the Associate Lead and a Senior Clinical Lecturer in the Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine (CSEM) at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

2008 First ever Mulligan course in the Middle East following a generous recommendation and endorsement from Brian Mulligan himself this was followed with 25 + Mulligan courses in Cairo-alexandria and Amman Jordan.

2015 First International Bobath course ( 3 intensive weeks basic course and one Advanced course) delivered by our beloved Bobath tutor and friend Kim Jennings from Australia. Dania Sherif a, a Primephysio senior teaching neuro Rehab Tutor was one of 8 student in this world class program.

2013 The first Orthopaedic Manual Therapy certificate (OMTC) program in Cairo-Egypt, so far this program has been delivered over 250 intakes in 12 countries.


2018 First ever Orthopaedic Manual therapy Congress in the Middle East Africa and South Asia, The congress was held in Cairo-Egypt and was listed at the WCPT website and attracted 500+ attendee from 8 countries. Keynote speakers included Dr Ken Olsen the President of IFOMPT , Brian Mulligan , Prof Karen Bird from Herts University and many other well known presenters in the field.

2019 The Second edition of OMT congress    

2018 First International Physiotherapy Conference Amman - Jordan in collaboration with the Jordanian PT society .


Collaboration :


  • Sheffield Hallam University-UK

  • International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative physical therapists IFOMPT

  • McKenzie Institute International -New Zealand

  • Bobath International tutor training association-Switzerland

  • British bobath association-UK

  • PNF association- USA

  • Dry needling training - Australia

  • Mulligan tutor association-New Zealand

  • European Orthopedic medicine society-Belguim

  • Cairo University-Egypt

  • Kuwait University-Kuwait

  • Hamad Medical Corporation

  • Jordanian Physiotherapy Society

  • Omani Health Authorities

  • Jordan University of Science and Technology - Jordan

  • General Physical Therapy syndicate -Egypt

  • Elseef hospital -Kuwait

  • Elshifa hospital -Kuwait

  • Batarji College for Health sciences-KSA

  • Saudi German Hospital KSA 

  • Ministry of Health.Egypt



• Global expansion in the field of education and professional development for physiotherapists and health professionals.

• Increase the assets and investments of the organisation to support the development of services.

• To build good reputation in the field of education and professional development.

• To help enthusiastic colleagues to organize high standard Physiotherapy courses in their countries/cities with affordable cost.

• To insure that our colleagues in the developing countries can attend continuous professional development courses, crossing the barrier of the lack of available courses in their country or due to high cost of attending courses abroad.


Scope of Work

  • We run teaching activities worldwide with emphasis on quality.

  • Quality education for physiotherapists means training activities provided by experienced tutors with strong clinical and academic background.

  • We affiliate with other teaching and clinical organisations to promote physiotherapy training through partnership, consultation and planning.

  • We realize how it might be difficult for most of our colleagues in the developing countries to attend continuous professional development activities; due to lack of available courses in their country or financial burdens encountered with attending courses abroad. We help enthusiastic colleagues to organize high standard Physiotherapy courses in their countries/cities in affordable cost.

  • Physiotherapy clinicians have the teaching ability and clinical skill, they teach their staff or colleagues for many years; however they need to ensure that what they teach is at high academic and clinical standards. At Primephysio we offer accreditation service, our teaching and learning quality team will revise and approve curriculums for short courses or long teaching programs. Once the course contents and structure is approved it will be certified by Primephysio.

  • providing students and clinicians with a wide variety of free access learning activities e.g. monthly journal, research summaries, free online courses.


Ethical Responsibility

At Primephysio we follow a simple business operation model that enabled us over the year to flourish as an Ethical business.Our tutors are get compensated only for their hourly rate at home country and the organisation cost are kept to minimum , any marginal profit are saved at PRIMEPHYSIO FOUNDATION FUND to be used for charitable causes. We have organised tens of free face to face and online activities many of them were dedicated to colleagues in Developing countries, unemployed and students.

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