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About Primephysio

Primephysio Training UK LTD is a registered training company in England and Wales.

Registration number: 14316529


Founder and Academic Career

Mahmoud Saad's Journey

Established in 2006 by Mahmoud Saad, an Egyptian/British physiotherapy clinician and academic based in the UK, Primephysio has a remarkable journey shaped by his expertise and collaborations. Mahmoud's passion for musculoskeletal physiotherapy and continuous professional development led him to establish Primephysio with a clear vision and mission.


Mahmoud's academic career began in 2004 when he moved to the UK and joined Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) as a senior lecturer in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. He took on the responsibility of leading the musculoskeletal module within the postgraduate program, demonstrating his commitment to imparting knowledge and skills to future physiotherapists. Alongside his academic role, Mahmoud occasionally worked as a clinical specialist within the National Health Service while also running private clinics in Sheffield and London.

A Fateful Meeting: Stephen May and Mahmoud Saad

Fate played a part in shaping Primephysio's trajectory when Mahmoud shared an office with Dr. Stephen May, renowned author of McKenzie Textbooks and a remarkable researcher. In a serendipitous encounter at the cafe area of the Robert Winston Building in SHU, Mahmoud invited Dr. May to visit Cairo, Egypt, to present a short introductory workshop on the McKenzie concept. This meeting marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration and the birth of a new chapter in Primephysio's history.

Vision and Mission

Transforming Professional Development

The vision was clear from the start. In the Middle East, continuous professional development in physiotherapy was a relatively new concept. Many practitioners were content with traditional approaches such as hot packs, ultrasound, and exercise protocols.


Stage One: Introducing Well-Known Concepts

From 2006 to 2011, Primephysio collaborated with prestigious organizations such as the McKenzie Institute International, International Bobath Tutor Training Association, Orthopaedic Medicine Belgium, British Bobath Tutors Association, and Mulligan Tutors Association. Together, they conducted numerous training courses in Cairo, Egypt, Amman, Jordan, and Sheffield, UK. This period marked the first stage of Primephysio's development.

Stage Two: Embracing a Balanced Approach

In 2011, Primephysio embarked on the second stage of its journey. The aim was to send a clear message that physiotherapy should not be limited to a single concept or approach but rather adopt a logically balanced and blended approach that considers all relevant concepts for each patient at the right time. Esteemed clinicians and academics, primarily from the UK and many of them senior teaching staff at SHU, joined Mahmoud in this endeavor. Noteworthy individuals who contributed to this journey include Alison McFarlane, Dr. Myles Buttler, Peter Hanley, Emma Richards, Ross Mallet, Edward Bakker, John Cleak, Mel Lindley, Dr. Bhanu Ramaswamy, Dr. Kate Grafton, and the late Kevin Banks, author of the Maitland Concept textbook and senior international Maitland instructor.


Collaborators and Influential Figures

Key Contributors to our Journey

The collective efforts, expertise, and collaborations with renowned organizations and individuals have allowed Primephysio to establish itself as a leading provider of comprehensive and evidence-based physiotherapy training and education. Primephysio's commitment to continuous professional development and its dedication to a blended approach that integrates various concepts have significantly influenced the physiotherapy landscape, not only in the Middle East but also globally.

The Expert Team: Clinicians and Academics from the UK

As Primephysio continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to enhancing knowledge, skills, and the quality of physiotherapy practice worldwide. Mahmoud Saad's vision and leadership have been instrumental in shaping Primephysio's success and its invaluable contributions to the field of physiotherapy.


Expanding Horizons

Seizing New Opportunities: Primephysio’s International Expansion

In 2011, Mahmoud Saad took the first step in expanding Primephysio's reach by conducting teaching activities in Kuwait. This initial venture paved the way for further international expansion. Subsequently, Primephysio organized a series of activities in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Malta, UAE, Palestine, Sudan, and Pakistan. These endeavors aimed to disseminate knowledge and enhance physiotherapy practices across borders.

From 2006 to 2010, Primephysio operated as a registered community club organization, primarily run by dedicated volunteers, including Mohamed Meshref, Fatma ELBakry, Loay Karam, and Sara Magdy. However, as Primephysio's activities expanded to other countries, the need for a formal structure became evident. Consequently, a registered training company was established in Sheffield, UK, and a registered office in Cairo, Egypt, under the name of Prime for Training and Educational Consultancy. This allowed for more streamlined operations and enhanced organizational capabilities.

Expanding to Cater to Demand

In 2021, recognizing the growing demand and potential in the Gulf and South/South East Asia, Primephysio established a registered office in Dubai, UAE. This strategic move enabled Primephysio to efficiently manage and deliver its activities in these regions.

Empowering Local Clinicians and Ensuring Sustainability

One of Primephysio’s long-term goals has been to ensure the sustainability of continuous development initiatives in different countries. To achieve this, he has focused on preparing a panel of local clinicians who can lead and facilitate training programs in their respective countries. This panel of experienced clinicians now plays a crucial role in training and mentoring promising researchers and clinicians, gradually expanding the teaching team. With their contributions, Primephysio has conducted over 1,200 teaching days in 15 countries. Looking ahead, the organization aims to double this figure by 2026, with the continued goal of empowering local healthcare professionals and improving patient outcomes.

Scope of Work

A Focus on Quality

Primephysio specializes in conducting teaching activities worldwide, placing a strong emphasis on providing high-quality education. We believe that quality education for physiotherapists necessitates training activities facilitated by experienced tutors with robust clinical and academic backgrounds. Our aim is to ensure that physiotherapy professionals receive comprehensive and impactful training that enhances their skills and knowledge.


Collaborative Partnerships

We actively seek affiliations with other teaching and clinical organizations to foster collaboration, consultation, and partnership in promoting physiotherapy training. By working together with like-minded organizations, we can collectively advance the field of physiotherapy education and contribute to its continuous development.


Driving Collaboration in Physiotherapy Education

While physiotherapy clinicians possess teaching abilities and clinical skills honed over years of practice, it is crucial for them to ensure that what they teach meets high academic and clinical standards. At Primephysio, we offer an accreditation service to address this need. Our dedicated teaching and learning quality team thoroughly reviews and approves curriculums for short courses or long teaching programs. Upon approval, the course content and structure receive certification from Primephysio, attesting to its adherence to rigorous standards.

Addressing Barriers to Professional Development

Furthermore, we are committed to providing students and clinicians with a wide range of free access to learning activities. This includes resources such as a monthly journal, research summaries, and free online courses. By offering these educational materials, we aim to foster continuous learning, professional growth, and access to valuable information for individuals in the field of physiotherapy.

United Kingdom

Sheffield Hallam University - UK

Comera Movement Science

British Bobath Association

Grow Physio

Dynamic Taping


General Physical Therapy Syndicate

Ministry of Health

Cairo University


United States of America

PNF Association


Dry Needling Training

Australian Bobath Association


Bobath International Tutor Training Association

International Maitland Teachers Association

New Zealand

McKenzie Institute International

International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT)

MULLIGAN™ Concept Teacher Association



Dizziness and Balance Rehabilitation Clinic

South Africa

Neurodevelopmental Therapy Association


United Arab Emirates

University of Sharjah

Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City


Aster Clinics

Amana Healthcare

Rashid Hospital

Fatima College of Health Sciences

Gulf Medical University

Czech Hospital

Hatta Hospital


Al Anzoor Physical Therapy Training



Kuwait Physical Therapy Society

Kuwait University

Elseef Hospital

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

IZI Education

Saudi German Hospital

Batarji College for Health Sciences


Jordanian Physiotherapy Society

Jordan University of Science and

Hippocrates Training Academy


Omani Health Authorities


Hamad Medical Corporation


Ghani Physio



European Orthopedic Medicine Society


Academy of Physio INTRNL


Global Expansion

Primephysio aims to expand its reach and impact worldwide in the field of education and professional development for physiotherapists and health professionals. By expanding its network, collaborations, and course offerings, Primephysio seeks to make a meaningful difference in the global physiotherapy community.


Increased Assets and Investments

Primephysio strives to increase its assets and investments to support the development and enhancement of its services. This includes investing in cutting-edge technologies, resources, and partnerships that will enable Primephysio to deliver high-quality education and training programs.


Reputation Building

Building a strong reputation in the field of education and professional development is a key goal for Primephysio. By consistently delivering exceptional courses, certifications, and learning experiences, Primephysio aims to earn the trust and respect of professionals, organizations, and learners in the industry.


Support for Colleagues

Primephysio is dedicated to helping enthusiastic colleagues organize high-standard physiotherapy courses in their own countries or cities at an affordable cost. By providing guidance, expertise, and resources, Primephysio aims to empower local professionals to enhance education opportunities in their respective regions.


Accessible Professional Development

Primephysio recognizes the challenges faced by colleagues in developing countries, such as limited course availability and the high cost of attending courses abroad. To address this, Primephysio is committed to ensuring that professionals in these regions can access continuous professional development courses. By offering affordable, high-quality training options and expanding course availability, Primephysio aims to break down barriers and provide equal opportunities for professional growth and development.

Primephysio Training UK: Highlights

Certification and Training Achievements
2010. Fatma Elbakry and M. Aldolify, two senior tutors at Primephysio, became the first certified McKenzie Therapists in Egypt after completing an extensive 16-day training program.
2013. The Orthopedic Manual Therapy Certificate (OMTC) program was introduced in Cairo, Egypt in 2013. Since then, the program has been conducted over 400 times in 20 countries.
2015. Primephysio hosted the first International Bobath course, delivered by Kim Jennings from Australia. Dania Sherif, a senior teaching neuro Rehab Tutor at Primephysio, was among the eight students who participated in this prestigious program.
Congresses and Conferences
2018. In 2018, Primephysio organized the first-ever Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Congress in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. The congress, held in Cairo, featured keynote speakers such as Dr. Ken Olsen, the President of IFOMPT, Brian Mulligan, Prof. Karen Bird, and other renowned presenters.
2018. Primephysio established an annual international manual therapy congress under the banner of OMTA, providing high-quality education and networking opportunities with world-class speakers and clinicians.

2018. In collaboration with the Jordanian PT Society, Primephysio organized the first International Physiotherapy Conference in Amman, Jordan.
Collaborations and Expansion
2007. Zoe Hudson, a renowned sports injuries consultant and author of the textbook "Managing Athletes," conducted a Sports Injuries course. Zoe is an Associate Lead and Senior Clinical Lecturer in the Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.
2008. The Mulligan Concept was brought to the MENA region for the first time by Primephysio, following a recommendation and endorsement from Brian Mulligan himself. This was the start of over 25 Mulligan courses conducted in Cairo, Alexandria, and Amman.

2019. Primephysio introduced Kinetic Control courses in the Middle East, certifying over 90 therapists in Comera Movement Science, UK. Accredited tutors from Primephysio deliver the courses in multiple countries.
2019. The Mulligan Concept training was brought to the MENA region for the first time by Primephysio, marking a significant milestone in advancing manual therapy education.
2021. Primephysio launched a global online learning platform, offering physiotherapists worldwide access to online courses and certifications during the COVID-19 pandemic.
2022. Primephysio expanded its activities to new countries and communities, including India, Istanbul, Indonesia, and formed partnerships with renowned tutors and learners such as Mark Laslett, Sarah Mottram, Shirley Sharmann, Jenny Mcconnell, Jill Cook, Alison Tyler, Laura Finucane, Hans van Helvoirt, Paolo Sanzo, among others.
2023. Primephysio's journey continues, with ongoing dedication to providing quality physiotherapy education and training worldwide.


Ethical Responsibility

At Primephysio, we hold ourselves to a high standard of ethical responsibility in our business operations. Our business model reflects our commitment to ethical practices and the welfare of our stakeholders.


Fair Compensation

We ensure that our tutors are compensated fairly based on their hourly rates in their home countries. This approach ensures equitable remuneration for their valuable expertise and dedication to delivering high-quality training.


Minimal Organizational Costs

We strive to keep our organizational costs to a minimum. By maintaining efficient operations, we optimize the use of resources and minimize unnecessary expenses. This allows us to allocate funds responsibly and maximize the impact of our activities.


Charitable Initiative

Any marginal profits generated by Primephysio are not distributed among individuals but instead saved in the Primephysio Foundation Fund. This fund is dedicated to supporting charitable causes. We believe in giving back to society and using our resources to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


Free Activities and Outreach

Primephysio is committed to providing opportunities for professional growth and learning to colleagues in developing countries, the unemployed, and students. We have organized numerous free face-to-face and online activities specifically tailored to meet the needs of these individuals. This inclusive approach ensures access to education and professional development, irrespective of financial constraints.

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