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Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)
Reasoning &


Riyadh - KSA

23 February, 2024



Rasha H. Moghanam


  • Primephysio accredited tutor

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy in Sports Injuries andRehabilitation, Cairo University.

  • Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapy Training. OMTA.

  • Certified Kinetic Control Movement Therapy.Comera Movement Science.UK.

  • Certified Dry Needling Therapist.


12+ years of clinical experience in medical, education and sports industries, including: hospitals (Mediapark Clinic Cologne), private practices (Golds Egypt,German Clinics & B-fit Egypt), insurance companies (Roche & Alliance) & the Ministry of Health (Egypt). She is a patient-centered centered, licensed physiotherapist and a Doctor of Physical Therapy in Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation. Well-versed in a broad range of manual, movement therapy concepts & highly skilled in patient education. Passionate advocate of continuous education with 8+ years in mentorship, training & co-teaching, with international figures as Brian Mulligan and Sarah Mottram. Areas of focus: post operative management , Tele-health and Cross-Fit athletes rehab. "I believe that investment in knowledge is the best kind of investment. I have strong focus on clinical tutoring to develop others and to keep learning. My business model is characterized mainly by my enthusiasm, initiative attitude and leading by example."

Teaching Aim 

Add skilled intervention into your management package by fulfilling four main questions by the end of this training: the HOW, WHEN, WHY, & WHAT? ​

Course Objectives:

  • Comprehend the scientific principles and outcomes behind the practice of the IASTM tool in myofascial mobility compared to other soft tissue therapies (online).

  • Enhance critical thinking skills: be able to determine the needs of the tool based on an understanding of both; the research evidence and patient needs.

  • Understand identity-appropriate cases for IASTM application in MSK and sports practice.

  • Learn how to implement IASTM therapy as an element of a holistic strategy through case study demonstrations.

  • Master application techniques under supervision: acquire various IASTM techniques, including instrument form selection, body mechanics, safety and hygiene, proper hand placement & and pressure, stroke patterns, body mechanics, and energy storage, to optimize treatment outcomes.

  • Implement theoretical knowledge and technical demonstration through hands-on practice & and case study assessment in utilizing IASTM as a treatment method.

Who can attend

Physiotherapists (graduates, interns & students)



Early bird registration - until December 5

Employed individual registration: 800 AED

Employed group registration: 700 AED

Unemployed individual registration: 700 AED

Unemployed group registration: 500 AED


Normal registration

Employed individual registration: 1000 AED

Employed group registration: 800 AED

Unemployed individual registration: 800 AED

Unemployed group registration: 600 AED


Registration Process-  
1.     Fee Submission:


** For group registrations, contact us on WhatsApp at +971502051448.

A.    Full Payment:
    Please choose your appropriate category:​​

If paying via card is not a viable option, please note that you may also transfer the fee to this bank account.


Once this is completed, please take a photo/ screenshot of the proof of payment.
2.     Registration Form:
Once the above has been fulfilled, please fill out this registration form, and attach the proof of payment to it. No seat booking will be confirmed in case the proof of payment is not attached. 
3.     Proof of Payment:
Once done, please send the proof of payment via email at or via WhatsApp at +971502051448.

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