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Cervical spine Physiotherapy Management
Master Class
CPD hours: 10  
End date: ongoing
Live session 1: 
Presented by:
Dr Mahmoud Saad  UK
Dr Firas Murad  Italy
Live session 2: 
Presented by
Dr.Mahmoud Saad  UK
Course Objectives:

1-Explore common spinal red flags.  

2-Provide update on common assessment procedures 

3-Explore and critically discuss hand on and hands-off management options. 

4-Apply the previous principles specifically to the cervical spine.

1 - Read the learning materials download here     
2 - Watch two live sessions at the Primephysio UK Facebook page Click here to visit primephysiouk             page on Facebook
3 - Complete the MCQ test click here 
4 - To receive a course certificate please use this link
Dear Colleague:
  • Please note this is not a wholesale online course resource, the main objective is not the course certificate but learning clinically relevant knowledge/refreshing clinical knowledge by learning through experts of the field who have designed these courses with your best interests in mind. Please read the learning materials well and listen to the live sessions before you take the test. Enjoy the learning experience and share your experience with any colleagues who may benefit from this course.

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