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Dynamic Cupping Therapy



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Dynamic Cupping is a modern implementation of suction therapy. The use of rubber and plastic cups helps to decrease pain, enhance athletic performance and improve soft tissue mobility and range of motion in various areas of the body.

Unlike traditional cupping (scarification), dynamic cupping involves more techniques of moving the suction cups or moving the body segments with the cups in place or a combination of those. This is an effective treatment for Myofascial pain, muscle injuries, and various conditions including nerve irritation such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, and cervical radiculopathy.

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Rasha H. Moghanam



  • PrimePhysio accredited tutor

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy in Sports Injuries andRehabilitation, Cairo University.

  • Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapy Training. OMTA.

  • Certified Kinetic Control Movement Therapy.Comera Movement Science.UK.

  • Certified Dry Needling Therapist.


12+ years of clinical experience in medical, education and sports industries, including: hospitals (Mediapark Clinic Cologne), private practices (Golds Egypt,German Clinics & B-fit Egypt), insurance companies (Roche & Alliance) & the Ministry of Health (Egypt). She is a patient-centered centered, licensed physiotherapist and a Doctor of Physical Therapy in Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation. Well-versed in a broad range of manual, movement therapy concepts & highly skilled in patient education. Passionate advocate of continuous education with 8+ years in mentorship, training & co-teaching, with international figures as Brian Mulligan and Sarah Mottram. Areas of focus: post operative management , Tele-health and Cross-Fit athletes rehab. "I believe that investment in knowledge is the best kind of investment. I have strong focus on clinical tutoring to develop others and to keep learning. My business model is characterized mainly by my enthusiasm, initiative attitude and leading by example."

Topics to be covered:

  • The theory behind dynamic cupping as a restorative therapy.​

  • The effects of dynamic cupping on different treatment outcomes according to both research evidence and clinical observation.

  • Knowing how to safely apply variant techniques needed for a given clinical situation.

  • Getting to integrate cupping therapy into movement therapy concepts.

Who can attend

For Physiotherapists

  • (Graduates & Internship Students)


For inquiries & booking, please contact our office in Turkey


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