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Cairo - Egypt
Level one: 18-21 April, 2024
Level two: 29-30 April, 2024

Course Tutor

Dr. Mahmoud El-Razzy

Senior MS. PT , Ph D. PT. Candidate
Neuromuscular disorders & surgery , Spine Specialist.

Dr Mahmoud ElRazzy is a Consultant Physiotherapist and PhD Candidate at department of PT for neuromuscular disorders and its surgery, Cairo University. He was born in Cairo, Egypt and trained as a short term scholar university of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in USA. He works in the KSA at El- Hayat Spine physical therapy as a consultant and manager for 6 years. He is the founder of ElRazzy spine research group and spine physical therapy centres since 2009. He has been awarded Cairo University funding award 2009, & an outstanding research award at WCPT Singapore 2015. He assesses and treats patients with complex Spine disorders. ElRazzy has also trained as a Electrophysiologist and performs EMG & NCS guided Spine interventions and techniques, (including Kinesiologic HR, late waves and SSEP) as part of the rehabilitation process if required and appropriate. He has also completed an MSc (Neurological Physiotherapy), and Postgraduate Diplomas in Manual Therapy, and in Biomechanics, as well as MSc modules in , Manual therapy for soft tissues and joints. He also has a Postgraduate Certificate in Diagnostic Imaging. He has also qualified as an Independent (non-medical) Prescriber.

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Course Objectives:

Level One:

  • Basic anatomical and biomechanical considerations

  • Radiological factors affecting interventions

  • Lumbar spine IDD (Evaluation, differential diagnosis and interventions)

  • Cervical spine IDD (Evaluation, differential diagnosis and interventions)

  • Sacroiliac joint disorders (Evaluation and treatment)

  • Spine surgery and post-surgical rehabilitation

  • Vertebral displacement and spinal unit instability 8. Schools of thoughts in spine manual therapy

Level Two:

  • Radiologically Guided Mobilization of Cervical Intervertebral Foramen in    Patients with Peripheral Canal Stenosis.

  • Manual therapy program for facet joint syndrome

  • Specific Opening Mobilization of intervertebral foramen Stenosis concerning Disc Level and Foraminal Zone.

  • Anterior, Lateral, and posterior spiral Decompression and reduction Approaches

  • Differential Diagnosis and Physical Therapy Interventions    for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

  • Therapeutic intervention of chiropractic adjustment for Degenerative Disc Diseases

Who can attend

  • Physiotherapists graduates and internship students


For attending two-level
ndividual registration: 4200 LE
Group of three registration: 4000 LE ( for each participant
For attending one-level
ndividual registration: 3200 LE
Group of three registration: 2800 LE ( for each participant)

For inquiries & booking:


Contact our office in Egypt

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