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Fundamentals Of

Physical Therapy In ICU

8-9 JUNE 2023

Critically ill patients frequently suffer long-term physical and psychological complications. They are on long-term mechanical ventilation and as a result, 25% display significant muscle weakness, and approximately 90% of long-term ICU survivors will have ongoing muscle weakness. Prolonged stays in the intensive care unit are also associated with impaired quality of life, functional decline and increased morbidity, mortality, cost of care, and length of hospital stay.
Physiotherapy treatment as part of a multi-disciplinary approach to care is integral in promoting lung function, reducing the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia, facilitating weaning, and promoting safe and early discharge from the intensive care unit.


Dr. Mahmoud El-Sayed

  • Senior ICU Physical Therapist at Al Kasr Al-Aini Teaching Hospitals Cairo University

  • Specialized ICU Master Degree, university.


Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate ICU equipment and devices to be able to deal with.

  • Discuss and demonstrate diagnostic and sssessment tools to be able to carefully categorize critically ill patients.

  • The ability to formulate a problem list according to each patient case.

  • Discuss the evidence-based management strategies to be able to undertake a sequential and targeted treatment plan

  • Prioritize the action plan according to the assessment and patient situation.

Who can attend

For Physiotherapists

(Graduates & Internship Students)


Early Bird Registration ( 1st 10 seats )

Individual registration: 900 LE

Group registration: 700 LE

Normal Registration

Individual registration: 1100 LE

Group registration: 900 LE

For inquiries & booking:

For inquiries & booking please contact primephysio office in Egypt

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