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Start Date: Available Immediately. You can start your learning journey now. Minimum recommended time to complete the program is 8 weeks.

Language: Arabic with English terminology

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Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with your login details to the diploma program site.

In this diploma program you will learn variety of intensive and traditional paediatric physiotherapy on the hand of one of the most experienced Paediatric physiotherapy consultant and educator in the Middle East world. The program language is a mixture of English and Arabic , an English version will be published by the end of 2020.

Dr Wael Sallam Is a Paediatric rehabilitation consultant with 28 years experience in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Europe and USA. He is a doctor in Physiotherapy (UTICA USA) and owner of sunrise rehabilitation centre, one of the most well established Paediatric rehab centres on the middle east attracting patients from all over the world.

In this program you will learn basics of clinical Paed rehabilitation using variety of approaches including suit therapy, intensive therapy , neuro developmental techniques, sensory techniques and others.

Course outline:

  1. Online sessions with tutor voiceover and practical videos where you can watch anytime anywhere
  2. Online discussion board where you can communicate with the tutor and other participants
  3. MCQ tests to evaluate your progress
  4. Certificate of achievement certified by primephysio Training UK
  5. Your name listed on our practitioner list page

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, the participants will learn:

**The underlying pathology of cerebral palsy (neurological and musculoskeletal impairment).
**The concept of diverse clinical pictures of cerebral palsy (spasticity, hypotonia, dyskinesia, and ataxia) and how to treat them.
**Understand how a normal child develops his normal milestones and how a child with cerebral palsy overcomes his challenging problems to achieve these milestones that should be functional and safe!
**Evaluate a patient with cerebral palsy!
**Develop a physical therapy program for a patient with cerebral palsy!
**Apply the different multi-purposive exercises

**Apply and uses diverse intensive physical therapy tools (Bungy Suit, Spider, **Multigym Exercise Unit, Hippotherapy)
**How to follow up and re-evaluate the patient with cerebral palsy

Dr. Wael Sallam

**BCS, faculty of physical therapy, Cairo University. **DPT, Utica College, USA. **Owner and chairman of Sunrise Intensive Physical Therapy centers in Egypt ( **Specialized in offering physical therapy for the patient with cerebral palsy since 1992 till now. **Developer of a new method in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy in 2003 (Intensive physical therapy program) that includes evaluation, exercises, and tools. The program name is “Giant child, strong mother, and therapist guide” **Developer of one of the suit therapy for patients with cerebral palsy “Bungy Suit”. Developer of a program “Swimming as therapy”. **Developer of a Multigym Exercise Unit for cerebral palsy. **Holding Egyptian, Saudi, and American licenses in physical therapy.

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