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Sports Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Certificate

This program is designed for physiotherapists who aim to gain more knowledge and hands-on skills in managing sports-related conditions in clinical and sports field environments.

Jeddah - KSA

18-19-20 Oct, 2024

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BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy Teesside University UK

  • BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy Teesside University UK

  • MSc Sports and Exercise Medicine.University of South Wales, UK


  • RU Active Sports Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre


Course Structure and Overview

In this comprehensive Sports Physiotherapy Rehab Certificate course, participants will have the unique opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge in the specialized field of sports rehabilitation. The program is designed to provide a solid foundation in sports physiotherapy principles and techniques, with a focus on practical applications for both upper extremities.​

  • Upper & Lower Extremities and Spine Sports Rehabilitation.

  • A renowned expert in the field, bringing a wealth of practical experience and evidence-based knowledge.

  • In-depth coverage of sports rehab techniques and considerations for injuries in the upper extremities and spine.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss and apply relevant neuro-musculoskeletal theories, concepts, and evidence related to sports injuries.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of manual and movement therapy interventions, integrating the evidence base relevant to the management and rehabilitation.

  • Discuss the importance of considering patients' expectations, regarding their role in and engagement with- their therapy in recovery.

  • Extract evidence from research and appraise research quality.

  • Discuss how to cooperate with the team managers and parents.

Program Objectives

  • Provide a clear examination framework for common sports-related conditions, including traumatic, mechanical, and post-operative problems.

  • Learn and practice a range of treatment strategies for sports-related conditions.

  • Understand how different factors affect the decision-making process in terms of the development and progression of rehabilitation programs.

  • Develop sound reasoning with regard to the "return to play’’ decision.

  • Understand and apply a variety of injury prevention strategies.

  • Understand the challenges encountered when it comes to managing an athlete.

  • Learn to identify and address imbalances and movement dysfunction in athletes. By incorporating corrective exercises, you'll help them regain proper biomechanics, reduce pain risk, and enhance overall performance.

  • Consider factors like injury type, fitness level, and rehabilitation goals to create safe and efficient programs that promote healing and recovery during exercise prescription.


Individual registration: 2600 SR

Group registration: 2300 SR

Registration Process-  

Please contact our organizer in KSA for registration
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