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The Elective PT Approach for
Spine Deformities

Cairo - Egypt

 14-15-16-17 September 2023



Dr. Mahmoud El-Razzy

Senior  MS. PT , Ph D. PT. Candidate Neuromuscular disorders & surgery , Spine Specialist

Dr. Essam Rashad

PT -Scoliosis and spinal deformities  specialist -Certified International Scoliosis Therapist Ceritfied SBP Therapist ISST Therpaist SEAS Therapist ,FITS Therapist ,Side shift method Therpaist​

Dr. Nada Gamal Abdelaziz

CMP. MD. CKCMT. PhD. PT. For Neuromuscular Disorders. Cairo University.

Dr. Tayseer Abdeldayem

Lecturer of pediatric physiotherapy- Beni-Suef University - Certified Kinesiotape practitioner - Tape Concept - Scoliosis and spinal deformities  specialist.

Dr. Amira Helal

Scoliosis Physiotherapist Certified SBP, SEAS, FITS Scoliosis Warrior

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By the end of this course all participants should be able to :

  • Identify different types of spinal deformities.

  • Analysis possible causes of spinal deformities.

  • Define each deformity from different perspectives.

  • Identify different objective evaluation techniques of spinal deformities in children.

  • Evaluate the relevance of obtained data to the functional outcomes for children and adolescents 6- Identify the different schools of management of spinal deformities


4 Days Course :



  1. ​Anatomical , kinesiological , and biomechanical Background of Spine curvature abnormalities.

  2. Evaluation and Treatment of  sagittal profile abnormalities and coronal Imbalance.

  3. Application of kinetic control principles in common Spinal Deformities.

  4. Effect of lower limbs strategies on Trunk loading condition and Stability.



  1. Intro and Definition of scoliosis.

  2. Pathogenesis of idiopathic scoliosis.

  3. Epidemiology of IS.

  4. Types of Scoliosis.

  5. Classification of Scoliosis.

  6. Risk factors of scoliosis progression.

  7. SOSORT Guidelines8-evidences of PSSE and Bracing in Scoliosis management



  1. radiological assessment of scoliosis Clinical assessment And Classifications.

  2. Intervention to thoracic scoliosis.



  1. Intervention to lumbar scoliosis and double curves.

  2. ( Clinical reasoning session )Clinical case scenarios


Who can attend:


Physiotherapists: Graduates or internship students.

Course fee:


​Early bird ( Frist 10 seats )

  • Individual registration: 3200 LE

  • Group of three registration: 2800 LE

Normal registration

  • Individual registration: 3500 LE

  • Group of three registration: 3000 LE

For inquiries & booking:


Contact our office in Egypt

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